Development updates and roadmap

Updated: July 6 2018

This page highlights the features and improvements planned for Europeana Collections. Priorities may change while we work on certain features. We aim to update this page regularly.

Our aim is to release new features early and frequently in order to get your feedback to make them better. As such, not everything will be perfect on first release, and we appreciate your patience and help in testing the new and updated services. Don't hesitate to give us your feedback via the "Feedback" button in the corner of your screen.

Completed projects and improvements

Visit our release overview page on GitHub for an overview of completed changes and improvements per version of Europeana Collections. Our aim is to release a new version of Europeana Collections every three weeks.

What we have done in 2018 so far

What we will work on during 2018

  • Improving the design of item pages, in particular to show when items are featured in blogs, galleries and other editorial
  • Publishing a new thematic collection on newspapers, including technical developments both in API and front-end to facilitate full-text searching and browsing pages of digitised historic newspapers
  • Developing further the design and functionality of Entity browse pages
  • Updating and improving the order Europeana Collections show users results for their queries by giving priority to results with thumbnails, showing the most recently updated datasets first, and then sorting by a variety of relevancy rankings.